“The only magic we have is what we make in ourselves, the muscles we build up on the inside, the sense of belief we create from nothing.”

Dorothy Allison

It’s a dreadfully rainy day in California, and I’m suffering from Friday energy when it’s only Tuesday. All I really want to do is cuddle up on the couch at home with a cup of tea, a warm cookie and something dumb to watch a good book, but I have a lesson for an online class I need to finish up tonight and I want to be sure to get to bed early.

In order to save some effort fulfilling my daily blog post, I’ve spent a bit of time just now sifting through my Evernote folders looking for something I could finish up quickly. I have a few half-finished things floating in there, and some scavenged archive posts that I could have repurposed.

Instead, I found this quote which has shamed me into actually writing something new.

I started this challenge as a way to transform my relationship with my writing, so that I would stop thinking about it as something I only do when I felt like doing it — when I am not too tired or too busy or too distracted. I want writing to be something that gets done regardless of what else is happening in my life. Something automatic or reflexive. Maybe the writing won’t always easy, but hopefully the act of making myself write will become so, if I keep at it long enough.

Sometimes, sure, when days are particularly dreary and I haven’t had enough sleep, what I write may end up being stupid and meaningless and endlessly navel-gazey, but it’s still developing that magic-making muscle all the same.

Tomorrow’s post will be better and stronger because I practiced, at least a little, today.

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