Why you need a developmental editor.

No one knows your novel better than you do — and that’s a problem. When you’ve been down in the trenches devising cunning plot twists and heart-wrenching character revelations, it can be hard to pull back and look at your story from a wider perspective. Is the story you see in your head what actually made it to the page? Are all the parts and pieces working together to pull your reader along? Does the ending deliver the promise you made on page one?

These are the questions I can answer through the developmental editing process. Better yet, I’ll give you concrete recommendations for improvements, whether your story needs a structural overhaul, your subplots need development, or your narrative style just needs a little polish.

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Why You Need Stace

You need an editor who is familiar with the particular nuances of writing fantasy fiction. From the foundations of worldbuilding, to magic systems, to the use and misuse of familiar tropes and genre conventions, there are things about writing fantasy that only another fantasy writer really understands. I’ve been studying the art and craft of the fantasy genre for decades, and as the publisher and editor of Phantastes: The Fantasy Writers’ Guide, I earned recognition for the first website exclusively for fantasy writers on the Internet. I have 20 years of experience writing and editing professionally, and I strive to help you perfect your voice as an author, and bring your imagination to life on the page.




Editorial Services

With several levels of service available, you can get the help you need to perfect your novel at a price that meets your budget.



When is the right time to hire a developmental editor?

  • You’re part way through your first draft and you’re stuck about where to go next.
  • You’ve finished your first draft and you want guidance before you start revisions.
  • You’ve finished a few revisions, but your beta reader response is lukewarm.
  • You’ve revised and polished your manuscript, but agents and editors keep saying “no thanks.”


Please note: My services do not include copy editing or proofreading. If you are planning on self-publishing, I recommend hiring someone who specializes in these areas before you publish your work!


Editorial Assessment

Are you looking for some big-picture insight about what’s working in your story and what’s not? Once I’ve read your novel carefully, I’ll prepare a 6-10 page editorial letter that addresses critical areas for improvement. Here are the subjects that will be covered in depth:

  • Story, plot, structure, pacing
  • Character development
  • Worldbuilding, magic systems, genre conventions and creating a unique fantasy story
  • Overall feedback on narrative style and writing technique

Developmental Edit

My developmental edit service begins with a thorough read of your novel and preparation of an Editorial Assessment as described above. Then, I’ll go through your novel again and make detailed in-line comments using the track changes feature, making specific suggestions for improvement, including occasional line edits to illustrate recommendations.

Developmental Consulting

Are you stuck on your first draft? I will read your work-in-progress and/or outline and then provide one hour of consulting via phone or Skype. We’ll chat about your project and get you back on track!

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book cover fate of the universe by robin farrierStace was able to help bring my book to the next level. As a new author, she took the time to go into depth on the development of each of my characters and helped me reorganize the manuscript into a much more effective and enjoyable story. I will be calling on her for future projects. Thanks so much for everything, Stace.

Robin Ferrier

Author,  Earth’s Gatekeeper Series

book cover Torril city mysterion by james mcleodIt takes a thoughtful and discerning editor’s eye to lift a manuscript to the next level, and this is just what Stace provided. The overall critique she made on my story, characters and scenes was honest and clear, and the comments she had for improving the minutiae; grammatical, structural and (in some cases) stylistic were spot-on. I look forward to working with her again! 

James McLeod

Author | The Binding of Siltari & The Torirl City Mysterion

end of wars coverIt’s been a very educational and remarkable experience working with Staci. Her advice and critique are very blunt. But how else are we novice writers supposed to improve our skills without an honest opinion? She’s taught me more in a month than I’ve learned in a lifetime. Extremely recommended!

Ray Kevelle 

Author, The Scepter: End of Wars