Always Be Making Something

While words are my main creative outlet, I have always enjoyed making things with my hands, too. Photography, digital art and handicrafts of all kinds – here’s a peak into some of the creative projects I have pursued recently.  

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watercolor render of sailing ship with text


These short-short stories are the best of a daily free-write practice, with digitally-created illustrations. 

365 Days and One Knight

An incomplete photo-a-day project featuring a knight figurine, taken at home and on the road. 

Magical Portals

Digital compositions transforming photos into portraits of magical worlds. 


circle of crocheted pennants in pastel rainbow colors

Cartazon Crafted

Dedicated to things I’ve made by hand, particularly crochet! You’ll find my handmade projects plus a few free patterns 

a wooden 10 string lyre lying on a table next to a cup of tea

Lyre Harp

My newest creative venture is musical. You can listen to some of my very novice efforts on YouTube.