I always enjoy looking over the search engine terms that have landed people on this site. Usually predictable, there are always a few surprises in the batch that leave me scratching my head.

For example, sometime in the past year, someone has visited while searching for information on:

  • amusement park ride design ergonomics
  • interpersonalmelo (what?)
  • grocery tattoos
  • rabindranath tagore wallpaper
  • cozy myster set in early 20th century england
  • 2

That’s right, someone searched for “2” and ended up on my website. Three someones, to be precise. What’s up with that? And what in the heck is a grocery tattoo?

By far the most common search that landed people here was some variation of “bookmarks to print” or “knight paper doll”, both printables I made available more than a year ago. Creative journaling and lettering tends to generate a fair percentage of traffic. (I can’t say “a lot of traffic” because the tiny bit these days hardly qualifies – alas the languishing numbers of a barely active blog!) I’m happy to see these results here, because I feel like I have good resources to offer the seekers – I hope they enjoyed what they found.

However, I feel like I must extend my apologies to the person looking for “amusement park ride design ergonomics” because I doubt he found anything useful to help his search here!

Canyon Scape

Anyway, it’s that time of the year when I want to thank everyone who visits the page, regularly readers or random visitors. I have occupied this little space on the web for a long while, sometimes more actively than others, and I appreciate everyone who stops by for whatever reason. I wish you all the best in the coming year and hope to see you again soon!

P.S. The photos are from my recent trip to the Grand Canyon. After looking at the search term results, I have decided a second set of printable bookmarks are in order, featuring some of these shots. Look for them in the next couple of days!

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