It’s a wet and rainy day here in Southern California, but I have a mug of chai and a warm kitten on my lap…what else could I wish for?

Okay, someone to clean out the oven for me, maybe, and a revelation about the story I’ve been working on, so that the plot actually makes sense. Here’s one of my favorite passages from the story so far, which has the working title, “The Wizard of Pentassari”:

She took my hand and led me away from the squalid collection of huts and shacks that called itself a town, and the natives with skin gone green from lives spent forever beneath that leafy canopy. She went into that dark and secret wilderness and I followed, curious but desperate to go wherever she led.

There was a path at first, a track that wove between the trunks of enormous, grasping trees, but it faltered quickly, leaving only the trees and a riotous undergrowth of broad-leafed vegetation. Fingers of blue-tipped fern slapped our legs; snake-vines tangled underfoot; sodden brambles raked our skin as we pushed through, engraved our palms to match their delicate crimson blossoms. Still she led me on, not saying anything, far enough that I stopped gaping at the unfamiliar foliage and began to wonder if we should turn back, lest we miss the sailing of our boat.

“It’s not far,” she murmured, reading my unease in the sweat that dotted my brow. “Look.”

Where she pointed, in the dim spaces between the trees, transient specks of lilac and turquoise flickered in and out of sight. As we watched, the flicker became a flutter, and then the flutter became a rush of butterflies, butterflies so tiny that a dozen could have perched along my forefinger and not been crowded. They kaleidoscoped around us, a shifting cloud that tickled my eyelashes and spun pale streamers from her hair.

Now, to make some sense of the rest of the story before I’m supposed to take it to my writers’ group tonight!

P.S. If you like my photos, you should definitely check out the work my multi-talented friend Nin Harris has been doing lately, discovering the tiny details in the world that so often elude us. Also, she has some awesome performance shots from recent concerts she’s attended. Go see!

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