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I guess the new rule for this process is I get to take Monday holidays off, but the work still has to be done.

I had a small rush of editing jobs through my Fiverr account over the weekend, two sample editing jobs and then a larger sample which I am still working on. Plus, there was an unexpected burst of RP1. Considering all that, I got a lot more than I might have expected otherwise. The Barbarian is so close to done that I almost can’t breathe. The reason is taking ages because it’s super long — 3,925 words at the moment, which is more than double the usual City of Bridges post length. Is it all worth it? I hope so! Part of the struggle with this piece is that there was so much to fit in. I guess I’ll find out whether it works or not when it gets to readers.

My plan for this week is: more of the same! I’m trying to decide if I want to go to writers meet-up on Saturday. It’d be good to bolster some possible referrals for editing, but it’s a hefty out-of-pocket spend and I am feeling cash poor at the moment. I did order business cards, however, so at least I’ll have something to hand out if I decide to go. And my editing page should be finished sometime later this week. (Barbarian first, though.)

The image here is something I just made, and I can’t say I really love it. After the Portal image, this just feels static and unimaginative. I guess I’m going to have to up my compositional game and come up with some ideas that really stretch my creativity. Or come up with a new strategy for art to go with these posts….

Last week’s goals:

  • Blog posts: Did two of three hoped for
  • Daily prompt: Did 5 prompts, and they were pretty cool!
  • COB: The Barbarian: Worked on this daily, and it’s so close to being done
  • WIP: World building revisions: scratch
  • Website updates: Editing services page: preliminary layout done, still need to work on copy etc.

This week’s goals:

  • Blog posts – 3 (including check in)
  • Daily prompt – 5 (M-F)
  • COB: The Barbarian posted on Fri
  • COB: Draft of The Ghost revised
  • Website updates: Editing services page
  1. I call it RP, but it’s really a shared story writing process. 8000 words between us in two days

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