While I try not to obsess too much over how many hits I get on my site, I do like to peek at the stats my web host provides every month of so. I check a couple of things, primarily: where people are coming from, and what search terms they’ve used to land on my site. I like to know the first just to get an idea of who out there might be linking to me. I like to know the second just because it’s entertaining. Here’s a few of my favorite search terms from February:

hopeful: 13 hits, the highest single term. Interesting, I think it must be leading to when I first posted this photo to my blog (at its old address), back in August 2008.

variations of my name (stace, staci, dumoski, in various combinations) or the url (www.dumoski.com): 17 total

creative journaling or art journaling, with our without orange county: 7 total

searches including the word “artifacts“: 4 total

And a few random one-offs:
more than anything else lesson plan

prismacolor watercolor pencils

t shirts that say what’s your story (hmm….new product idea!)

gothic journaling

creative lettering examples

stories of inspiration facing change

I just love that last one, don’t you? I hope whoever it was found what they were looking for.

2 Thoughts on “Where Did you Come From?”

  • I find it fun and refreshing that people were looking up your name! That is cool! I went and did it a couple days ago with Stace Dumoski and art and lots of entries came up! I don’t think I would ever like a counter or to even know who comes privately. I just want my place to be a soft-landing for me and for those who need some light after a hard day. What fun to find that an editor at Stampington came to my little faerytale space and will spread light-filled faerydust from her slippers to all she meets, hee hee. You are an inspirational photographer and I love your journal ideas and projects and commented here and there. Can’t wait to go looking a bit more. Blessings dear one. Enjoy the day.

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