There are a lot of things I haven’t done a lot of in the last year and more. Numbered high among those are exercise and photography. Given that it’s the new year, a time for fresh starts, yada yada yada, I thought I’d go deposit my paycheck on foot today, a walk of a whopping .6 miles (one way). I brought along my iPhone, determined to take a fresh look at my neighborhood around me. These photos comprise what I saw along my walk.

I have not actually done that much with iPhone photography since I got my camera in August (it’s a 4, not 4S or 5). I do have an Instagram account, but the latest kerfluffle has made me a little reluctant to use it. So tonight I downloaded the Flickr app – and scored a 3 month pro account for my trouble!

These photos were all taken and edited with the Snapseed app, which I highly recommend.

I like filters. I like changing what I saw into something new, something that is not-quite-real. It’s a special kind of magic.

Some end up more edited than others. I guess it depends on what I think is most important about the photo. And…the mood I want to create.

The one above has become my current phone wallpaper! Something very soothing about it.

Even ordinary things become eyecatching.

The last one is not from my walk, it’s our tree at home. But I thought I needed a seventh to round out the set.

So, seven new photos and 1.2 miles to start off the new year. Not a bad start!

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