I can’t let the new year begin without a quick look over the one just ended. It was not a very active year here on the blog, with only 11 posts the entire year – less than one per month!

The most popular post of the year was A Contemplative Photography Lesson Plan, from January, but at a mere 26 hits I can hardly call it popular. The Playdate post from 2011 was actually the most popular page on the site with 50 hits, no doubt all those people looking for paper doll knights. I wonder if anyone ever actually downloads and uses them? I don’t think I have anyway of telling.

Not surprisingly, search results landing on the site were low, too, with not very many interesting terms to put on the “how did you find me” list for the year. “Companion artifacts”, “enchantment writing”, and “the mystical and/or spiritual backgrounds of the sequoia trees” have caught my eye, and may inspire actual posts some time this year. (Of course, if I write a post about sequoia’s I’ll have to go take a trip for photos, right?) Apparently, a lot of people have been looking for my sister Natasha by googling me too. Go figure.

The above photo was taken today, with an iPhone 6, on a midday walk with my daughter and the family dog. Let’s hope the entire year is filled with such gorgeous colors!

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