Versial. Empyrean. Externam. Chantric.

They’re all words that I’ve used to describe the magical forces that exist in the world of my current works in progress.

As Barris experiences it:

“It was the opposite of an explosion. Light. Color. Sound. Breath. Thought. Sucked in. Taken some other place where everything was one thing and so nothing actually existed. Barris felt, because all he could do was feel. What he felt was boundless. Chaotic. Energy, clotted with imperfection. Threading through it, the thin pulse of awareness. It—whatever it was—consumed him and became him and disgorged him all at once.”

I didn’t set out to create an image that expresses any of that tonight. I was just messing around in Photoshop—something I haven’t done in ages—with an old photo, some filters and a few textures. I almost by accident hit upon this combo and it really struck me as fitting.

It feels good to create some visual magic again.

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