an unfinished crochet piece and a ball of yarn

Most of my creative projects take longer than I think they will. Usually it’s a case of poor planning. For example, I’ve been working on this poncho for a couple of months now and run out of yarn twice. If I’d been a little more careful at the outset, I would have made sure to buy enough yarn to complete the whole thing. Now progress is stalled until I can get to the craft store — let’s just hope they still have this colorway in stock!

This actually happens to me more often than I’d like to admit. I’m captivated by the pretty colors and textures of the fibers and can’t resist buying some, without really knowing what I’m going to make with it. When I finally figure out what I want to make with it, I inevitably end up taking a second (or, as in this case, third) trip to the store to buy more supplies. 

I get the same creative impulses writing fiction, too. I can’t count the number of beginnings to stories and novels I’ve written, fascinated by an image or character in my head, only to have to stop when I have no idea what’s going to happen next. The “yarn” just runs out, so to speak. Unfortunately, it’s never so easy as running to to the craft store to get more. 

This past week has not been really productive on the personal writing forefront. Between work, where I had a fairly substantial article to write, and a freelance editing gig I’m working on, there just hasn’t been much time left for other writing. So many “Not Dones” on my check in list, but there’s not much I can do about it. This next week does not promise to be much better, as I’m taking a four day trip up north. I’ve already scheduled myself a pass for the blog on those days — the goal is to post pictures from the road, without without accompanying text. As for any other writing efforts those days, who knows? I don’t expect too much, though. The “good” news though is that my editing assignment is due next Friday, so after that I should have a lot more time to focus on my own projects. I’m anxious to get these City of Bridges posts done, so I can turn my attention to the novel again. Unlike most of my big projects, I am confident that I have plenty of yarn to work with; all I need is the willpower. 

Last week’s goals

  • City of Bridges rewrite summary for Wattpad. Not Done
  • City of Bridges finish draft of The Princess. Done.
  • City of Bridges draft The Bull. In Progress.
  • City of Bridges corrections in Wattpad text Not Started.
  • Daily blog posts. Partially Done. I skipped Sunday; I just couldn’t get myself motivated to write on the topic of unicorns. 

This week’s goals

  • City of Bridges rewrite summary for Wattpad — due Friday 7/27. 
  • City of Bridges draft The Bull — due Friday 7/27.
  • City of Bridges corrections in Wattpad text — due Sunday 7/29.
  • City of Bridges masquerade wrap up post(s)? — start Saturday 7/28.
  • Daily blog posts (with four photo posts while traveling).

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