Dreaming Tree cover

While I’d like to say I have been super-creatively-productive while away from my blog, I must confess that my journeys into both journaling and photography have been much curtailed over the past few months. I have been focusing very hard on finishing the first draft of a novel, which is monumental, yes, but the creative energy I was tapping for that project was very different from the creative energy that allows the type of expressive art I usually show here. It was a very intellectual type of creativity, intent on plot and structure and character development, necessary but not very enjoyable. Now that I am moving on to the rewriting phase, when I will start turning what I think is a good story into something artful, I can feel the need to play more with visual forms of self-expression start to kick in.

Echoes of Her

These are a couple pages from a new journal, just the start of a new journey!

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