California Big Sur coastline in the summer daytime

There is nothing quite like being exhausted from a good trip. We went to San Francisco last weekend for my daughter’s college orientation, and it was basically two days of walking up and down hills sandwiched between two days of driving. Add in terrible beds in our dorm lodgings and it’s no wonder I’ve been walking around in a state of constant yawn since we got back. What energy I had at the end of the work day has had to be funneled into completing the freelance editing gig that was due today, and ergo I allowed myself to skip any other personal writing projects for the week, including this blog. The good news, though, is that freelance gig is done AND the weekend is here, which means I can devote some serious attention to City of Bridges over the next few days, as well as get the blog back on track.

Of course it was entirely worth it. California is such a beautiful state, and our route home on Tuesday took us along the most beautiful coastline in the country, the Cabrillo Highway through Big Sur and the Central Coast. If I had to pick anywhere to live, money not being an issue, it would be there. Not in Big Sur itself, as that road is too intense to have to navigate on a regular basis, but somewhere between San Luis Obisbo and Cambria would be perfectly lovely. It wouldn’t even have to be right along the coast, as I find the inland oak-covered hills just as enchanting. So add that to my bucket list for future dreams.

Last week’s goals:

  • City of Bridges, rewrite summary for Wattpad. Not done.
  • City of Bridges, draft The Bull. Not done.
  • City of Bridges, corrections in Wattpad text. Not done.
  • City of Bridges, wrap up post? Not done.
  • Daily blog posts, (four photo posts while traveling). Not done.

This week’s goals:

  • City of Bridges, rewrite summary for WP. Due Sunday.
  • City of Bridges, draft The Bull. Due Sunday.
  • City of Bridges corrections in Wattpad. Due Sunday.
  • City of Bridges, wrap up post? Due Wednesday.
  • City of Bridges, revise The Barbarian. Due Friday.
  • Daily blog posts.

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