1. The prolongued hiatus of my 365 Days and One Knight project is less about the project itself but an overall disaffection with my camera. I have hardly snapped a shot since May, for reasons I don’t fully understand myself. In fact, the disease (such as it is) seems to extend into all visual arts, as I haven’t done any sketching, painting or art journaling in that time, either, or picked up any odd crafts projects. Which is just weird.

2. I do have two new Web projects sputtering along, however. City of Bridges, which I’ve written about before, is sort of proceeding. (I’m determined to finish the next post this week, so naturally decided a blog post was a good idea.)

Also, on September 1, I (at long last) launched FantasyCrafter.com, which should be more or less self-explanatory, but just in case it isn’t, here’s the official description from the site:

We’re not just fans of fantasy fiction and movies—we want to bring our fantasies to life. Our homes are filled with dragons, our wardrobes with fairy wings, and our favorite accessory is our trusty magic wand.

This site is for people who love to craft items inspired by magical worlds. In the days and months to come, we’ll be bringing you original project ideas for crafting your own magically-inspired life, whether that means knitting an adorable plush unicorn or piecing together a steampunk airship out of paper. We’ll have it all: jewelry, wearables, home décor, papercrafts, dollmaking, needlecrafts, leatherwork, woodwork, and more.

It’s still very bare bones, but I’ve got Things in the works, includeing a special promotion with a newly published fantasy author.
I’m holding a giveaway right now, so be sure to pop over, say hi, and enter for a chance to win.

3. I need to move this site over to the same webhost I’m using for the two new sites. It makes economic sense, but I’ve been putting off this task because there are actually, I think, five WordPress installations on dumoski.com, and I really dread all those complications. Just be aware that when the moves happen (and I suppose I really ought to dig in and get it done this week, before the next billing cycle) things may go a bit wonky here, or with email (for most reliable results, use the one at the top of this page, as it won’t be affected).

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