1. I have successfully deactivated my account! Go me!
  2. FU David Lynch.
  3. [random Star Wars meme]
  4. It is really hard to find nice letter writing stationery anymore. There are tons of cute note cards out there, though.
  5. The longer I live with the end of Twin Peaks: The Return, the less infuriated I am. But what I really want is a spin off series where “Richard” and “Carrie” travel around the country and solve mysteries.
  6. Refreshed the look of my dusty, dormant website, and trying to decide how to resuscitate it. Really no need to go look. There’s been no new content in almost two years.
  7. [Picture of Anna in her gi] Anna earned her yellow belt! Still not sure why this cost us an additional $95 on top of the monthly club fee, but I’m super proud of her.
  8. [Picture of smoke in the sky] Sunrise over the mountains that are on fire.
  9. Well, they solved the problem of having to animate Medusa’s hair rather neatly. Too bad everything else about the show can’t be fixed with a razor.
  10. I’m kind of thinking of not coming back to Facebook, at least not right away.

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