071: Getting Crafty

Helping me out with a little craft project today. I think he might have gotten a little carried away:

070: Reflection

I like the effects of shooting into mirrors. I may have to take this one outside this week to see what other interesting reflections I can capture.

069: Streetlight

068: Home Base

This is where the knight resides most of the time when I’m not photographing him. I’m not sure why his back was too me—maybe he’s still sulking over the dress up shot.

067: Library

His favorite section—Medieval History, of course.

066: Dress-Up

Today’s picture is an entry in the March Mix-It-Up Madness, and features couture by Angie of Simulacrum. My knight’s paper stand-in had to help out for this shoot, since his figure is more suited to this type of high fashion. Plus, Mr. Knight himself wouldn’t be caught dead in pink and yellow.

065: Spamalot

We saw Spamalot today at a local theater. As a devotee of the movie, I found the changes they made to the story disconcerting, though not unentertaning. I really missed the Bridge of Death, though&#8212that’s always been my favorite part, and a double wedding (no matter how unorthodox, but I don’t want to say more…