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It’s mid-August. The dog days of summer. Heat. Glare. The wind-up for back-to-school. The panic of realizing that summer’s almost over, but what have I got to show for it? I can’t think of anything good to say about August. Maybe that’s a challenge I should accept for myself. Next week, though. This week, it’s been all about preparing myself for that last major milestone as a parent — sending my youngest off to college.

It’s a big deal, and hitting me harder than I imagined. I don’t have a lot of willpower in the best of times, and right now I’m using most of it to sustain my sugar fast in the face of the temptation for comfort foods. I’ll allow myself a double pat on the back for finishing two weeks so far, sans chai, sans ice cream, sans chocolate. I did have some honey on my english muffin over the weekend, because I wasn’t entirely sure if honey was allowed on a sugar fast (it’s not). But the real test will be Friday, when I have decided I’m going to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies for my kid to take up to college with her. I’m pretty sure at least a little bit of that cookie dough will end up in my mouth! But it’s a emotional time, so I guess I have to go easy on myself and allow it under the circumstances.

My other willpower failure has been my personal writing projects. I did very little, largely because I have been spending a lot of time with aforementioned kid before she leaves. I did make some progress on the COB post, but I only wrote one blog post. I am rethinking the daily blog post thing a little bit right now; I realized that the self-imposed obligation to write a post was stopping me from progressing on fiction writing. Too often, when I’m ready to get some work done in the afternoon or evening, I feel like I have to do the blog post first, before diving into fiction writing. And if it takes a long time (like the previous post did) then I never get around to fiction writing at all. That’s not a good practice! So I’m going to think about it a bit, give myself a break this week (the last with the college-bound kid), and see if I can’t reorganize my priorities for creative work.

Check in next week to see where I’ve landed?

Last week’s goals:

  • City of Bridges, finish revising The Barbarian. Not done.
  • City of Bridges, corrections in Wattpad. Not done.
  • City of Bridges, update summary on Wattpad. Not done.
  • City of Bridges, update cover on Wattpad?Not done.
  • WIP worldbuilding revisions. Not done.
  • Daily blog posts. Not done

This week’s goals:


  • City of Bridges, finish revising The Barbarian.
  • WIP worldbuilding revisions.
  • Three blog posts.

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