Pacrific coast along Big Sur

Today marks the fourth day of my latest sugar fast. I’ve done it twice before. The first time I hadn’t set a time limit, but I lasted a couple of months before Christmas came around and I succumbed to the sweet, sweet pleasure of holiday baking. The second time, I only designated a month for the fast and lasted the whole 31 days, I think without fault.

I’m doing good, so far, especially considering that it’s summer and ice cream is so, so tempting. But I even managed a trip to Starbucks today 1 without succumbing — hot tea and a butter croissant are really just as satisfying as a sugar-laden chai latte and chocolate croissant.

I don’t seem to be suffering from cravings too badly, yet, or any other difficult withdrawal symptoms. I had a bit of a headache Monday night (Day One) and maybe my energy is a bit low, but the cravings haven’t hit too hard yet. I haven’t even made a grab for the chocolate bar hanging out in my drawer at work.

I haven’t really set a time limit on this particular effort. Maybe a month, and then I’ll allow myself one sugary treat a week? That sounds like a reasonable compromise. I just hate when I get to craving chai or ice cream or cookies as a daily requirement, instead of as something special to enjoy.

Abjuring sugar is just one way I’m trying to focus on improving my health through lifestyle changes. I was able to get a standing desk at work, so hopefully by next week I’ll be able to start spending at least part of my day on my feet, instead of sitting on my butt. I also need to get back to the gym on a regular basis — I won’t lie, it bothered me not being able to walk up the hills in San Francisco last week, and back on the Mount Holyoke campus in May. We’re not even talking steep hills, but low inclines that shouldn’t need a break walking up. I want to get where I can get back out in the hills, snapping photos in the wild, instead restraining my nature photography to roadside stops along the coast.2

Not to mention that all my clothes have started to pinch, even the ones that I bought purposefully roomy. I’d like to bring my weight down a good bit, just so I can fit into the clothes I’d like to have. Skirts are hard enough to find in the marketplace right now, let alone any that are big enough to encompass my ever-widening back end. It’s just time to get that all under control!

Life changes — that’s the theme of this blog right now. And maybe that’s why I felt compelled to start daily blogging after all this time. Because having some constant self-accountability and a reminder of what I’m trying to accomplish for myself, in every aspect of my life, is a way to help my positive changes stay on track.

  1. The new one opened today, and Anna and felt obligated to try it out.
  2. See…I found a way to make this photo relevant to post…

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