Such a Winter’s Day

Where To?


Wildlife on the trail:

One rabbit.

Three squirrels. Maybe four.

A hawk, overhead.

Crows, ditto.

A myriad of songbirds.

The Narrow Road



Dogs, with their people.

The maintenance team.

A pack of young men who don’t seem like they’re up to any trouble, but are followed out by the park ranger.

A pack of young women, with J-pop (or K-pop maybe) playing loudly on an iPod. One of them wears a shirt that says, “MAD AS A HATER”. I can’t decide if it’s a misprint or a pun.

A couple with their arms wrapped so tightly around each other that I don’t know how they keep walking. She’s telling him about hobbit holes. (My favorite!)

A family of four. The mom is delighted with the lack of spiderwebs on the trail. “Now I”m telling you, this is the time for me to go hiking!”

Another family of four. A girl verging on 12 years, sweat beading her brow, wishes me a good afternoon. I say, “Is it after noon already?” She replies, “I have no idea!” (It’s not.)

A line of boys on mountain bikes. The road is wide enough for all of us.

The road is wide enough for all of us.

Such a Winter's Day

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