Completely unrelated to this pic, there is a new City of Bridges post available: read The Color of Light. I am still feeling my way into this world, these characters. Trying to find a balance between an engaging narrative style and the sort of poetic descriptive voice that catches my breath as a writer. A balance between character and place, too.

Actually, when I think think about my writing in those terms, this photo isn’t really unrelated at all, is it? It was the tree that caught my eye, the way the light illuminated the leaves amongst the shadows of the grove. It is the tree that is in the camera’s focus. But it is my daughter there, in the background, that makes the picture interesting. Blurred and indistinct as she may be, she adds motion and life to what would otherwise be a static image. Pretty, maybe. But not really interesting.

I shall have to think about that as I venture into the next installment of City of Bridges. There must be a way to highlight the fascinating, colorful place that my city is, without losing sight of the people who make it move.

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