I remember when I first featured the One World One Heart giveaway event in Artful Blogging magazine. I thought it was a great way to discover new blogs, meet new people, share the joys of creativity and generosity. I was impressed with creator Lisa Swifka’s vision and her dedication to what, over the four years the event has been running, must have become a huge organizational burden. This year’s participant list is almost 1,000 people long!

Here’s how it works: Post a giveaway on your blog. Everyone who comments on your post is entered in a random drawing for a prize that can be anything you dream up. It could be art. It could be a poetry. It could be a bar a soap, if that’s what you want to give away. Then Lisa lists all the participants on the One World One Heart site, and you can surf through them to explore new blogs and discover kindred souls you have yet to meet (and maybe win a prize for yourself along the journey!). Oh, you DON’T have to post your own giveaway in order to win prizes from other sites. That is totally optional&#8212you can just start surfing now, if you want.

I’ve never participated before, and I’m a bit late entering the game, this year…it started January 25th, and the giveaways are to take place on February 15th. Better late than never, right?

So here’s what I’m giving away: a creative journaling kit that will include one handmade journal made of watercolor (like I used for my Create Your Own Reality journal, following Teesha Moore’s 16-page journal instructions), a set of watercolor pencils, two pens (black and white), a glue stick, and a handcarved stamp (something along these lines). I’ll probably throw in some papers/ephemera too, depending on what I’ve got around when I put the package together.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment to this post (Livejournal readers, you need to click over to dumoski.com please!), and be sure to leave a correct email address so I can contact you if you win. You don’t have to do your own giveaway in order to win. But do click over to the One World One Heart site to visit other participating blogs!

The winner will be drawn on February 15th, so be sure to comment before then if you want to play!

ETA: New visitors to the blog may wish to check back a few posts for a giveaway of digital scrapbook/collage paper!

ETA FEB 15th 4:30pm: The contest is closed. No more comments/entries will be accepted!

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