Book cover for Mirror Witch by Stace Dumoski showing a young soman looking into a broken mirror

Things on my mind as I sit down to write this post:

  • Oops. I completely forgot to do this check-in yesterday.
  • Oops. I completely forgot to write any other blog posts last week. Well, not 100% true. I started a post about fandom, but despite repeated efforts I couldn’t find my way through to any interesting to say.
  • What’s my personal brand? “Magical girl” is the way I’ve been thinking about myself in my posts here, as I try to redefine who I am in this post-parenting1 existence. The bio lines on my Twitter and Instagram proclaim, “I was a unicorn before unicorns were cool.” But is that really the best way to market myself, either as writer OR as an editor?
  • Speaking of writing, I decided to post my short story Mirror Witch on Wattpad. It’s a fun story, romantic and magical. Not sure I’m a fan of the cover art I made for it though.
  • Forking mosquito bites!

Last week’s goals:

  • Blog posts – 3 (including check in): only one complete
  • Daily prompt – 5 (M-F): missed Friday, due to an early work schedule
  • COB: The Ghost draft, ready to post next week – Yes!
  • COB: Revision on The Princess – in progress.
  • Website updates: Editing services page – nop.e
  • WIP worldbuilding revisions – made some progress, still trying to push some ideas together

This week’s goals:

  • Blog posts – 3 (including check in)
  • Daily prompt – 5 (M-F)
  • COB: Finish revision on The Princess
  • COB: Start revision on The Bull
  • Website updates: Editing services page
  • WIP worldbuilding revisions
  1. I laugh at that, because if you knew how much time I’ve spent the last couple of days dealing with my kids’ issues you’d know you’re never really post parenting.

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