Red scissor holder with eyeballs looking through the scissors

This scissors holder is one of the last things my grandmother gave me. I remember visiting her house somewhere between 10 and 15 years ago, and pointing it out in one of the many catalogs she had lying around, just as something silly and cute. A few months later, there it was, under the Christmas tree.

I was so tickled that she’d remembered. It wasn’t something that I probably would have purchased for myself, but the truth is it’s one of the most useful craft tools I have. Don’t get me wrong — I have lots and lots of scissors, tucked around here and there depending on what crafts I use them for. I’ve got one pair in the box with my crochet hooks, one with my bookbinding supplies, several that are for just for cutting fabrics…so many scissors.

But these scissors, because of that goofy little stand, are always out and available whenever I need a quick snip. I use them all the time. They’ve become an invaluable tool for day-to-day living.

But what makes this item so precious is to me is not how useful it is. It’s precious because every time I look across the room and see this goofy fellow sitting on the desk, I think of my grandma…and smile.

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