I started a new job this past summer. After several years of less-than-ideal work environments which left me inwardly dull and depleted, this place has been a balm to soul. I can feel the seeds of creativity starting to sprout again, and I’m hoping for a spring as green as the hillsides of California will be if El Nino comes as promised, breaking the drought of these past years.
The problem is that my habits of personal creativity are dried up, the pathways obscured by dust and tumbleweeds, and it’s hard to see my way through. So I decided to ask my friends and family on Facebook for some suggestions for blog topics, as this space has always been a good way to rev up my writer brain. If I can commit to a regular stream of posts here, hopefully the words flowing more naturally than the sputtering efforts I’ve been barely capable of lately.
One of the suggestions made was Top Ten lists, which I liked a lot because lists are a very non-threatening way to get writing. I took the suggestion a step further by deciding that my first list would be a list of lists, which would serve as a editorial calendar of sorts. Ten list topics that I will be writing over the next ten weeks (or so!). Some of them may include photos, because even my photography efforts have faltered during my creative drought. Some may be short, some may be long, as the topic warrants. And, if this does what it’s supposed to do, it won’t be my only blog activity, as there were many other interesting ideas suggested to me. Hopefully I will be energized enough by this word practice to pursue them.
So, without further ado, here is the List of Lists! *
  1. Ten best books read recently
  2. Ten tv shows I’ve been watching
  3. Ten books about writing
  4. Ten things about my job
  5. Ten favorite things around my home
  6. Ten meaningful quotes
  7. Ten reasons I love purple
  8. Ten historical oddities
  9. Ten world building  things
  10. Ten favorite characters I’ve made up
*May be subject to alteration along the way!

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