Monday, February 8th, is the next free creative journaling workshop at It’s A Grind in Laguna Hills. Most supplies are provided by the coffeeshop, and I will have a small number of 16-page journals available for sale for $5 (like the one I used for my Create Your Own Reality journal). Feel free to bring your own journal and supplies, as well. Did I mention it’s free?

Fragments of Butterflies

This is the last page of my “Create Your Own Reality” journal. The butterflies, which became an unanticipated motif in this book, forced themselves onto the page here. For example, the image of the woman was something I pulled out of a magazine a month ago, and I didn’t realize until I went to glue her onto the page that she was holding a butterfly in her hand. (It was a very tiny, hard to distinguish butterfly, though, so I replaced it with a larger one.) The rest of the butterflies were from a sheet that I was given at a recent craft show, synchronicity at work to be sure!

I tried to do a gel medium transfer, but as you can see it worked very poorly. I don’t know if it was that I didn’t wait long enough, or something with the paper, or what. I only know that I ended up with a mess on a page. But, as I like to say, mistakes (mess-takes, in Anna’s vernacular) are only an opportunity to try something you didn’t expect. In this instance, the fragments of butterflies led me to express a thought about my writing that has vexed me for a while now.

Deep Ink

This is the cover of my new gothic arch journal, which I first posted pictures of last week. Atypically for me, the title of the page came first — Word Painting is the title of a book we’ve been reading in my writers group, about descriptive writing. At some point in our last discussion it occurred to me that it applies to creative journaling, if in a slightly different way. And then I found the quill image in my clippings box (you DO have a clippings box for your creative journaling, don’t you?) and knew it was a fit. The red also looks very striking against the brown background (I do like red and brown, as you might guess from this site’s layout). In another move of synchronicity, Melodye posted a page today that used the exact same quill and ink image.

The text was a little problematic. I knew I wanted to do found poetry—words clipped from a page and arranged in unexpected combinations—but all the magazines I had available have text so tiny that it would have been a chore worthy of Psyche to carry out. I ended up going to and playing with the online version. When I came up with something suitable, I did a screen grab, printed the result, and cut out the words for re-assembly on the page. I particularly like the phrase “deep ink” … I think that’s what I’m going to strive for in my work this month, to dive deep into the words to discover what truth and story lies underneath.

Which reminds me that it’s time to get back to that short story once again. My writers group has tried to shame me for being so long without presenting anything for critique. Now I’m at the top of the list, and If I don’t have something ready to go by Thursday, I will face their condemnation. Okay, maybe not that, but I can expect a little indulgent condescension, all of which will be deserved if I don’t deliver!

2 Thoughts on “Last and First”

  • Deep Ink = Awesome! Also? I love your Gothic Journal! How serendipitous, that we both chose the same writing implement (the exact image, in fact). 🙂

    Your words are butterflies, Stace. Don’t clip their wings with judgment.

  • I know what you mean about the text, I worked on someone else’s altered book, and was never completely satisfied because even though the writing is readable as a book it didn’t work as found poetry it just got lost on the page. Absolutely love the way the quill lifts off the page.

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