I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year. Been there, done that, won that (once, anyway).  I don’t think I have the required focus to get through the challenge this year. Heck, I haven’t even been able to finish the next City of Bridges installment…

But in the spirit of the yearly quest, I’m going to try something a little less demanding: National Blog Posting Month. I know, NaBloPoMo doesn’t quite roll off the tongue the same way NaNoWriMo does, but the intent is good—in short, a blog post a day. Given how quiet things have been around here lately, I figure I could use a good boost to get me back in the saddle.*

So, I’ve prepped a list of  topics so I’m not staring at the screen wondering what to write. My plan, such as it is, includes some new photography too, since I’ve been so woefully neglectful of my camera lately.  But even the photo posts will have  at least a little original writing with them, not just a quote or the like.***

I’m also planning on two (yes, you heard it here, two!) posts a week for the City of Bridges site, which may not all be “storyposts” but will include little snippets and descriptive passages about that world.

Finally, as I have been putting this post together, I’ve only just realized how terribly it survived the transition to the new webhost. I knew there were substantial blocks of dumoski.com content missing (from the old iteration of the blog at www.dumoski.com/staci, primarily****) but I see lots of the internal pages here are actually at dumoski.dreamhosters.com, which was part of the transition process, and there are lots of missing pictures from sidebars, etc. So expect to see all that getting cleaned up right quick.

And yes, this declaration counts as Day One. See you tomorrow!

* I didn’t actually sign up on the site. I don’t need a badge, I’m not really interested in the traffic if might drive to my blog**, and I don’t want them emailing me things eternally.
** Of course I want traffic, but I want readers who are really interested in me or my content, not who are here just because of the brief camaraderie of the event.
*** I might sneak a Knight photo or two in there.
**** Does anyone have any particular requests for any of that content? Major sub-sites included Promise: The Romance of Edouard and Faer (including logs and a couple CM short stories), and She’s a Doll (which was my old dolling site), and then a few years worth of blog posts and essays wrapped up in a WordPress install.

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