My annual “how’d you find me” post isn’t going to be as much fun this year as it used to be, thanks to the increased number of results from Google showing up as “unknown search term” – more than half of my search term results were unknown, so I can’t guess what those people may have been looking for at all. Did you find it?

But here’s some of the more interesting stats:

Variations of my name – 10
People looking for bookmarks – 24
Creative journaling and/or lettering – 15
Juan Cabrillo – 2
Tim Burton / Beauty & the Beast – 4

And some of the more unique single hits:

Medieval butterflies
Stairs in the wood
Color crash
Mythic designs
Sight magical sensitivity castle marrach (sorry, I have no clue how to get this!)
Texture page from old book pages with turned and torn edges
Guys with huge feet

Just to see if anyone is paying attention, I will send a prize to the first person who identifies the post that last one refers to. Leave your answer in the comments!

(Picture is unrelated, but I thought I’d share it. Taken last August in New Hampshire, at “America’s Stonehenge.”)

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