City of Bridges by Stace Dumoski cover - girl with sword looking over cityscape with bridge

Why is it that some habits (the ones that are good for you) are so easy to break, while other habits (the ones that are bad for you) are so difficult to shake? Do we possess a subconscious instinct for self-sabotage? Self-destruction, even? Goodness knows, looking at the overall environmental and health trends, we can see that even when presented with hard evidence that certain behaviors are harmful, we still persist in them.

I’m asking this question of myself because, even though I wrote it in my to-do list, I completely forgot to write this check-in post yesterday. I was traveling last Monday, and I had consciously decided to give myself a break from blogging for most of the week before that, as well as the week after, as I was getting my daughter ready for college, taking her there, and then recovering from taking here there. I figured a break was appropriate, and that I’d come back ready to establish a new routine for this new (empty nest) phase of life. But even just a short break from daily blogging seems to have purged the habit from my consciousness.

The good news is that I did manage to put in a good bit of time actively working on the next City of Bridges post yesterday instead. It’s slow going, because my scene crafting and wordsmithing gifts seem to evaporate like water on a hot day when I haven’t been using them regularly. But it’s getting there.

I’ve also managed to effectively launch a new habit, which is daily prompt writing. Since my workday starts rather late (9 a.m.) but I’m still used to rousing myself before 7, I decided to put some of that time to better use than watching the morning news for an hour. I’ve started doing a daily 15-minute free write from a prompt. It’s a great way to push myself with imagery and word choice and ideas, and hopefully get me back to a smoother word flow in my creative writing.

Hey, did you see that awesome image at the top? That’s the new cover for City of Bridges on Wattpad! Isn’t it amazing??? I <3 it with my whole <3. It was designed by Whitney Love (whitneycoverdesign [at], who I found via Wattpad. It took a good two months to finalize, because there was a lot of back and forth trying to make all the elements I wanted to work together, but it was definitely worth the wait. In celebration, I went ahead and “finished”1 a new summary to post at the same time. Hopefully they’ll start pulling in some fresh attention over there — my reads have been a bit stagnant this summer, for lack of content and activity on my part. Time to get back in the groove!

I’m not going to repost my last checklist, because it was several weeks ago now and ergo irrelevant. Let’s just move on!

This week’s goals:

  • Blog posts – 3 (including check in)
  • Daily prompt – 5 (M-F)
  • COB: The Barbarian
  • WIP: World building revisions
  • Website updates: Editing services page
  1. Finished in quotes because such things are never truly final.

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