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I’ve been busy with my hook lately – crochet hook that is. A few months back, I was inspired to whip up a couple dolls that represent the characters a friend and I play in an online RPG:

Castle Marrach dolls, Ophidias and Tiernon
Photo by Kim D.


These are based on the patterns from the book Creepy Cute Crochet, by Christen Haden, though I have modified the details. It’s the same pattern I used for my wizard a few years back:

crochet wizard

I have always liked trying to make portraits of my characters and there was something particularly enjoyable about doing these tangible versions, and I’m looking forward to making a few more – with my City of Bridges boys, perhaps. In poking around for different patters – something with arms and legs, I think – I’ve happened upon some really amazing crocheted characters that I thought I would share with you.

Most of these are going to be fantasy, with this exception. Because Star Wars:

Star Wars Amigurumi by Lucy Ravenscar

Star Wars Amigurumi by Lucy RavenscarHarry Potter by AA Crochet

Harry Potter Crochet by AA Crochet


I love the scarf!

Game of Thrones by Luna’s Crochet

Game of Thrones by Luna's Crochet lunas-crochet-lannisters lunas-crochet-starks


Lord of the Rings from Geek Central Station

Lord of the Rings amugurumi by Geek Central Station geek-central-station-gandalf geek-central-station-gimli

(These have crocheted bodies with crazy detailed costumes from felt and, I think, polymer clay.)

The next group is actually knitted, not crocheted, but I had to include it because it’s pretty awesome.

The Hobbit by the Knitting Witch


Also, check out this amazing jacket she created, depicting scenery from The Hobbit!

Okay, so much for the obvious fandoms. Chances are, you can find crocheted characters for just about any fantasy fandom that’s out there. Like this one, for the 1980s BBC show, Robin of Sherwood:

Robin of Sherwood by Lucy Ravenscar

Robin of Sherwood by Lucy Ravenscar

I have to figure out how to do that mini-Nasir hair.

Merlin by Luna’s Crochet

Merlin and Arthur by Luna's Crochet


Aang by Deadcraft and Korra by PhileasFogghorn 

Aang by Deadcraft Korra by PhileasFogghorn

But not all fantasy crochet dolls are based on fandoms. Checks out this lovely lady, a commission from a writer depicting one of her characters:

Luciana by FandomGurumi

Luciana by FandomGurumi

(She makes my poor Ophi pale in comparison.)

Red Wizard by Crafty Tibbles

Red Wizard by Crafty Tibbles

Rosie and Yelenda by Ayakitsune

Rosie and Yelena by Ayakitsune


I’ve specifically been focusing on people for this post, but there are zillions of dragons, unicorns and other creatures that have made their way into crochet-representation. Perhaps I’ll do some posts on those later! But here’s a few that cross the line between people and creatures that I thought were really cool.

Harpy by Atruyis

Harpy by Atruyis

Centaurs by Bandotaku

Centaurs by Bandotaku

Mermaid by Petite HorreursAs a crafter, looking at all these amazing dolls inspires me for the next time I try to make one on my own. As a writer, it makes me think about how strongly people respond to characters that they read about or see on the screen, and want to bring them into their own world. If you can inspire someone to produce fan art based on your work – whether it’s writing, drawing, or crocheting – then you must be doing something right!


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  • Hello, my name is Leala and I love your style! You are Amazing!:) My favorite is the Harry Potter. Are the patterns available for sale? I look forward to hearing back from you and thank you.

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