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The creative process is a weird and wonderful thing. I sat down to write a blog post (very conscious that I allowed myself to skip writing one yesterday, being a holiday and all). I wasn’t sure, though, what I wanted to write about today, except for a progress report on the goals I set myself a week ago. “Well, I’ll need an image to go with it,” I thought. “What have I got that I’ve never posted on the blog.”

An hour later, and here we go. I like this one almost as much as Versial from a couple days ago! The text overlay, if you can’t quite make it out, includes words like “fairy tale” and “imagine” and “undulations” and “poet” and “intelligible histories” — all so perfect for the theme I was going for with this image, and completely by chance as I picked this particular stock image based on the visual look alone.

It’s like the muses are parting the clouds for me today! I ought to get finished with this post and use some of that magic on my writing projects.

But first, that update!

Last week’s goals:

  1. City of Bridges Triennelle plot summary – due Sunday pm (schedule writing date with Anna on Saturday?) DONE! I didn’t get the summary written out quite as completely as I intended, but it’s in my head. More significantly, I figured out the main plot problem that was vexing me.
  2. City of Bridges Draft of The Barbarian chapter – due Friday pm Done-ish? My plot machinations are such that I don’t think I need to change the bulk of what happens here, and I’m waiting on the fine tuning until I have drafts of all the parts done. So I haven’t actually worked on this, but it’s ok as it is for now.
  3. City of Bridges Draft of The Princess and/or The Ghost (depending on how the plot summary evolves) – stretch goal, due Friday pm In Progress. I might get the rough draft of The Ghost done today, if I’m diligent.
  4. City of Bridges rewrite summary for Wattpad – due Friday pm Not Done. I have until the end of the day, technically….
  5. Other WIPS – nothing scheduled, going to focus energy on COB because of the Wattys Check. I’ve actually spent a chunk of time sifting through stock photos for the new COB cover.
  6. Other – dust off that writing journal and start using it again Partial Credit. I did get it out Saturday and make an entry, but that’s it.
  7. Daily blog posts DONE! I’m giving myself full credit for this one, despite yesterday’s holiday. Good job, me!

This week’s goals:

  1. City of Bridges rewrite summary for Wattpad – due tonight
  2. City of Bridges draft of The Ghost – due Saturday night
  3. City of Bridges draft The Princess – due Tuesday night
  4. City of Bridges draft The Bull – due Friday night
  5. City of Bridges – corrections in Wattpad text – due before July 19 (hopeful date for new cover and summary uploads)
  6. Daily blog posts

That’s some pretty hefty writing goals, so I’m going to have to try and stay really focused. Especially since I have a large freelance editing project on top of the day job. So time to hit publish on this and get at it!

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