I know it’s not yet Thanksgiving, but if you’re starting to think about holiday cards you might consider this design of mine, available in my Cafe Press shop (also available on ornaments, mugs and aprons!). I shall have to put my mind to a new design for this year—a snowman? A star? Ice-skating penguins? Any requests?*

sample sample sample

Also, if you’re looking for unique gifts, most of the photos that have appeared on this site are available as prints. View complete galleries at DeviantArt and/or Flickr, and contact me to arrange a sale.**

*Just kidding about the penguins!
** 8″X10″ $15/each, $25 for two

2 Thoughts on “Do You Need…?”

    • Happily. In fact, that’s why I posted on FB yesterday looking for a service like CafePress that would print square cards, because of one particular holidy image that’d I’d like to make available. (The advantage of CafePress and the like being that I don’t have to handle inventory or sales personally.) However, I am very willing to do special orders of cards (or prints of different sizes or other items) for any image I’ve got–just tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll give you a quote.

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