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Create Your Own RealityI’ve been having fun this week with a new journal project, this one based on techniques and methods of Teesha Moore. She has a great series of videos that show her own journaling process, and they are a great introduction for anyone who is just getting into creative journaling–lots of tricks and tips provided. But even for people like me who have been doing this a while, it’s really inspiring to just watch her creative process in action, to witness how free and unconstrained she is as she lays down paint, paper and ink. I think fear is a major stumbling block for a lot of new journalers–fear that they’ll do something wrong, make a mistake, ruin whatever it is they’re trying to do. Watching Teesha creating “in the moment” sets a good example for releasing that fear. There are no mistakes when there is no final product in mind! It’s all about process.

Create Your Own Reality

It’s also very intimidating, I think, for burgeoning artists to look at a finished page from an artist like Teesha and not have the slightest clue about how to make their own pages so rich. Watching a page grow from basic building blocks–background, borders and rough collage–to an elaborate work of art is encouraging to say the least. And instructive, too, because it helps to understand all the layers that go into a finished page like Teesha’s, and how important giving it your own, personal touch is.

Create Your Own Reality

These are some of my “just getting starteds” from my new journal. As you can see they look pretty unfinished, with nothing more than watercolor backgrounds and some basic collage from scrapbook paper. I have no idea yet what I’m going to do to finish these pages, but I can’t wait to see them come alive.

Create Your Own RealityCreate Your Own Reality

I’m working on materials to take to Juvenal Hall on Tuesday, when Melodye and I are teaching creative journaling to a group of incarcerated girls. Were working with the theme of CHANGE, so I’m trying to come up with some quotes and so forth as inspiration. I’m also playing with Photoshop, and the idea of using some of my photos to create some collage papers to use in journaling.

Finally, here’s a really inspiring video that I found on someone’s blog earlier today. It’s a great message! We should all take it to heart.

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