The problem with a photography hobby is that it compels you do crazy things like go out in the front yard when the sun is barely even up to kneel on the wet ground in your pajamas and robe so that you can shoot pictures of frozen little dandelions. Stupid hobby.

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  1. Melodye says:

    Brilliant hobbiest!!!

    1. Stace says:

      Thank you!!!!

  2. Kimberley Mitchell says:

    Ha, some of my favourite pictures from Cornwall are of the flowers there. I understand all too well what you mean about getting out in the cold or wet to get that perfect shot! Your chilly dandelion is lovely.


    1. Stace says:

      Now, if I had the Cornish countryside to draw me out of bed in the morning, I think it would be very hard to resist, pjs or no. But suburban southern California? Fortunately, no one drove by to see me lying prostrate on the sidewalk…

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