“Oak spoke first, as became the noblest of all. He stood throbbing his leaves in the twilight, to which […]

The Last Enchantment

To say that I was unenthusiastic when I started reading the third book in Mary Stewart’s Merlin trilogy would not […]

The Hollow Hills

When I wrote up my review of The Crystal Cave, I said I had read the first two books in […]

The Crystal Cave

I have just finished reading The Crystal Cave, by Mary Stewart. I haven’t read this particular iteration of the Arthurian […]

More Books Read – February and March 2013

In order to cleanse my palate for the upcoming release of Guy Gavriel Kay’s River of Stars (Tuesday!), I bring […]

Tea + Books

Here it is nearly all the way through February and I haven’t managed to do the one thing I promised […]

A Pirate is a Pirate, or Maybe a Tiger

Since C.S. Lewis’ birthday was celebrated this past week, and Ang Lee’s movie based on Yann Martel’s The Life of […]