122: New Home

We are in the midst of sacrificing the home office so that my teen daughter can have a room of […]

121: Gentle Agnes

Every 8-inch knight needs a 3-foot gargoyle to keep him company.

120: Grilled

Who IS that guy? I guess I’m going to have to “grill” him to find out where he’s been…

119: Purple Stash

I have a passion for papers. Some of them, like these, I will probably never use, because I just love […]

118: Painted Purple

I offered to do his too, but he declined.

117: Purple Lobelia

Since it is May and the jacarandas are blooming, I thought I’d do an all purple week of photos. Eventually, […]

116: Small Gifts, Big Love

My Mother’s Day loot: a tiny orchid, from my little sister and her family, and a tiny unicorn, sculpted by […]