The Goth Boys’ Dorm

So I had this dream last night. My family and friends are pretty familiar with this phrase, and I hope […]

Thoughts on a Facebook Hiatus

I have successfully deactivated my account! Go me! FU David Lynch. [random Star Wars meme] It is really hard to […]

List of Lists

I started a new job this past summer. After several years of less-than-ideal work environments which left me inwardly dull […]

Welcome 2015

  I can’t let the new year begin without a quick look over the one just ended. It was not […]

How Did You Find Me in 2013?

My annual “how’d you find me” post isn’t going to be as much fun this year as it used to […]

Year’s End Thanks

I always enjoy looking over the search engine terms that have landed people on this site. Usually predictable, there are […]

Annual ‘Buy My Stuff’ Post

Coming soon, a post about fantasy inspiration, and how our world is pockmarked with places more unbelievable than anything you’ll […]