Two Worlds

I have a folder of edited photos on my hard drive labeled “Magical.” It’s filled with photos that I have […]

Art Journaling Process – Chrysalis

It all starts pretty simple. I don’t know at at this point what I’m going to make, or what message […]

New Year, New Journal, New Goals

Of course it’s natural at the start of a new year to set goals for yourself, and since I was […]

Some Thoughts About Art Journaling

Some art journaling techniques that I use regularly: 1. I like to pre-paint all the pages when I start a […]

Upcoming Workshop

Join me for a free creative journaling workshop on Sunday, September 12th! We’ll be trying out some image transfer techniques, […]


What’s your favorite color?

Under the Dreaming Tree

While I’d like to say I have been super-creatively-productive while away from my blog, I must confess that my journeys […]