Three Things, by way of an update

1. The prolongued hiatus of my 365 Days and One Knight project is less about the project itself but an […]

122: New Home

We are in the midst of sacrificing the home office so that my teen daughter can have a room of […]

121: Gentle Agnes

Every 8-inch knight needs a 3-foot gargoyle to keep him company.

120: Grilled

Who IS that guy? I guess I’m going to have to “grill” him to find out where he’s been…

Do a Lot of Work

1. Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo. 2. I have undertaken a great folly. Okay, maybe […]

Dream Diary

I’ve been keeping online journals blogs since 2002. When I was primarily using LiveJournal (instead of just feeding posts from […]

The Simple Making of Sounds

“He knew very well that the grat majority of human conversation is meaningless. A man can get through most of […]