It all starts pretty simple. I don’t know at at this point what I’m going to make, or what message I am sending myself with this page. I just look through my collection of clipped images and pick one that speaks to me at the moment. And one that complements the pre-painted background in my journal.

All the pages in my journal have watercolor backgrounds pre-painted. This saves me a big step in getting started – both having to pick a color, and then waiting for the background to dry. I can always change or enhance the color during the process, if I need to!

I like being able to take in-process photos with my phone now. (Though I may need to rethink lighting and processing now that I see them on the big screen.)


I have an old dictionary  I picked up at a used bookstore. I tear pages out of it, not always at random, to build borders and foundations for my pages. The paper is super fragile, which is good when I want to tear it, but not so good when the glue stick catches it and tears it accidentally.

A vine hand drawn with with marker. Outlined in a contrasting color to give it some pop. I outline almost everything on the page. More color on the page with watercolor pencils.

Words add some highlighting to the stem. I didn’t know where to put a big title for this page, so I just didn’t add one. But somewhere along the line I started calling it “Chrysalis.”

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