Coming soon, a post about fantasy inspiration, and how our world is pockmarked with places more unbelievable than anything you’ll find in a SFF novel.

But first, since it’s the holiday season (and one that will be very tight around my household this year) I thought it was time to point to the places I’ve got stuff for sale online.

In my CafePress shop, you can find cards, ornaments, and stockings printed with my original Holiday Tree design. There are also t-shirts and sweatshirts with the Mythic Firebrid—maybe a gift for someone you know?

And at RedBubble, there are cards and prints available from some of my photos, including this lovely holiday image:

In fact, if there are any photos on this site, on my deviantArt account, or in my Flickr stream that you’d like to purchase as a print or card, I can make it available. Just ping me with what you want and I’ll set it up for you to order. Framed art photos make great gifts! And personally I think these gerbera pictures would make a neat set of note cards.

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything new to offer this year. The last six months in particular have been a creative dud. In fact, I noticed the other day that there is actually dust on my camera, which distresses me to no end. It turns out I may have a little extra time next week, so I’m resolved to head out…somewhere. Anywhere. Got to recapture that creative spirit.

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