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I have decided that to move my check-in posts to Mondays, as it seems it might serve better to set goals at the start of the week instead of the end. I’ve also decided to leave out due dates, as it’s been rather a useless planning tool. I just end up feeling guilty about not hitting those arbitrarily set deadlines.

I also want to start acknowledging other accomplishments, not just track writing progress (or lack of progress). For instance, I’ve successfully kept to my sugar fast for an entire week now, and that’s worth celebrating! I’ve been really headachy all afternoon, and think that withdrawal is a contributing factor to that. But I’ve successfully avoided the temptations of ice cream and chai lattes, so go me!

Also in the realm of physical improvement, my standing desk at work was installed today, and I used it for close to an hour before I had to surrender — not bad at all considering the pulled muscle in my thigh (see below). I am committed to improving my standing endurance a little bit at a time, maybe even getting to where I can tdo my entire four hour work shift (minus meetings) standing. We’ll see. My body may have something else to say about it come tomorrow morning.

This weekend, I mastered a new home improvement skill and replaced the inner workings of the toilet. I’ve fixed the flap before, but this is the first time I’ve done something quite this big. But that’s how I pulled my thigh muscle, climbing up, down and around the toilet.

I’m also really pleased at myself for getting to the writers workshop on bios, even if I did chicken out on the follow-up lunch. As an introvert, I need to ease into social situations gradually. But it’s a first step.

As far as actual writing projects go, I wasn’t too successful. I blew off three or maybe four posts last week, though I did finally finish the draft of the Bull. It clarified that I’m going to need at least two more posts to finish off the masquerade sequence, and I’m not sure how I’m going to proceed. But given the speed (or lack of it) with which I’m tackling rewrites so far, I am sure I’ll have plenty of time to figure it out.

I really am hoping to dive back into the Novel WIP at the start of September, but if I’m going to do that, I really need to get these COB scenes wrapped up and out of the way. I also really need to sit down and do some serious evaluation of certain world building questions that have been pestering me. So I guess I will add that onto my goal list, just some good old fashioned brainstorming.

Last week’s goals:

  • City of Bridges, rewrite summary for WP. Sort of done.
  • City of Bridges, draft The Bull. Done.
  • City of Bridges corrections in Wattpad. Not started.
  • City of Bridges, wrap up post? Postponed.
  • City of Bridges, revise The Barbarian. Incomplete.
  • Daily blog posts. Incomplete.

This week’s goals:

  • City of Bridges, finish revising The Barbarian.
  • City of Bridges, corrections in Wattpad.
  • City of Bridges, update summary on Wattpad.
  • City of Bridges, update cover on Wattpad?
  • WIP worldbuilding revisions.
  • Daily blog posts.

And that’s where I am in the world this week!

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