watercolor unicorn head

So the site rebuild is mostly complete — what do you think? There is still a checklist of content that needs to be added (more knights, the resources page, a few other things), but the main bulk is up and running. 

I feel pretty good about the whole thing, really. I lost some things when the old site got eaten, but nothing invaluable or irreplaceable. It’s not such a bad thing to have one’s digital trail rubbed out a little, I think. I mean, how many of those old posts are really relevant to what I’m making and doing here and now?

And it’s been good to have a chance to consider how I want the site to function. I really like the general structure and the look and feel. I especially like the new blog title, Magic & Ink. I have some actual on-topic posts scheduled for any-day-now, so be sure to check back soon. I’ll be writing about Why I Love Fantasy; Blood, Breath & Bone (A Physiognomy of Narrative); and Why You Should Join a Critique Group. Any suggestions for other posts you’d like to see on the topics of Fantasy Literature, storytelling and writing craft are welcome! Just drop a comment below, or send me an email. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t call attention to the original artwork featured on a few pages: the unicorn on the home page and the portrait of yours truly on the about page are by my daughter, Lucy Womack. She’s a talented artist, recently graduated and trying to get her career off the ground. If you want some custom work of your own, be sure to give her a shout.