116: Small Gifts, Big Love

My Mother’s Day loot: a tiny orchid, from my little sister and her family, and a tiny unicorn, sculpted by my 14-year-old daughter. How tiny? Well, remember that the knight is only 8 inches tall!

I haven’t posted a photo in nearly two weeks, because that’s when I started a new job. I don’t adjust all that well to changes in my routine, and the days without taking knight photos slid by with alarming rapidity. At some point, three or four days in, I decided that it was way too many to try and catch up, and that maybe I just ought to take a deliberate sabbatical from the project. So I did! It’s amazing how quickly the guilt for not taking daily photos disappeared when I gave myself leave…

But now I’m back and ready to pick up where I left off! I’m not going to try and make up the missing days…I’ll just append them to the end of the year to reach the full 365. My project…I make the rules!

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