• I used to really like blogging. Back when both the web and my kids were young, I had a Diary-X site for longer, more introspective posts, and I used LiveJournal for quick updates, vents and interactions with online friends. It wasn’t daily, but it was pretty frequent. Eventually I started blogging here (I guess for branding reasons, but I wouldn’t have known that word then). And then social media came along, followed by creative depression, and my whole commitment to blogging just sort of fell apart.* But I remember how valuable I found the process of blogging, and I believe it was a major foundation of my creative process at the time.
  • I recently came across this article about a return to blogging , and it sparked an urge in me.
  • Austin Kleon, whose writing has really been valuable to me in my creative recovery of the past few years, advocates daily blogging .
  • Last year, when I had a little spare time in the mornings (post-commute but pre-work), I found a 15-minute free write (based on a prompt) to be a really positive practice. I fell out of the habit when my schedule changed. But my schedule has changed again recently, and I think I can manage a window for some daily writing practice again.**
  • I really want to keep priming the pump, because it’s still shockingly easy to fall back into the habit of not writing.
  • The more I write, the deeper and more meaningful that writing will become. You have to get past all the surface thoughts in order to touch that deep well of creativity.
  • It’s stupid having a nearly static website.
  • Sure: Branding. Platform. Etc.
  • It’s cool to look back and see where you were five or ten or twenty years ago (and not have to decipher terrible handwriting).
  • Maybe it will prompt me to start taking photos more regularly, to accompany blog posts. Or drawing. Or art journaling. Or whatever. A diverse creative habit is a healthy creative habit.

Link of the Day: In a Creative Drought? 3 Ways to Get Your Ideas Flowing

*I have not discounted the possibility that social media in some way contributed to the creative depression.

**Yeah, I write almost daily as part of my job, but it’s really not the same thing as personal writing.

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