021: A Little Love Story

With dinnertime approaching, I felt devoid of any interesting ideas for a picture today. My nine-year-old Anna suggested I peek in the 365 day challenge book, which she gave me, and which has 365 prompts for creative projects. For Day 21 we found, “Write a 10 word love story. For bonus points, illustrate it.” *

I decided to skip the writing part and skip right to the illustration. I asked Anna to devise a set for me while I ordered pizza. Didn’t she do a great job? Knight and his lady love enjoying a little pre-Valentine’s Day romance.

Unfortunately, it was a crappy picture, which I blame on still having to use the telephoto lens while the regular one is in the shop. That, and general difficulties with having to take photos in the kitchen lights after dark. I spent an hour or more playing with it in Photoshop, trying to get it to look halfway decent, and was finally reduced to using a sparkle brush to try and distract you from how out-of-focus the shot is.

Sparkle brushes: the Jedi mindtrick for photographers!

*approximate quote only

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